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Unsere Lehrer
Our Teachers

We simply love music, singing and dancing! One thing we all share in common is that we enjoy teaching babies, toddlers and grown-ups alike!

We teach our music program with a lot of joy and passion. All teachers have an educational background in music and play the guitar in our classes. We include the children with great care, heart and creativity, so that every course becomes a little event.

Our team is looking forward to making music with you and your children!

Antje Zumbansen
Antje studied music, voice and songwriting in the United States at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and graduated with distinction. She is a trained kindergarten teacher with many years of experience in kindergartens and daycare centers. In the United States she worked as a certified teacher in early childhood music education licensed by a large American music program. She directed her own parent-child music center for 10 years in Brooklyn, NY as well as here in Berlin. From this experience- teaching families and children in the US and Germany and her professional qualifications she created Little Music Makers® a special educational concept that combines music and English in a unique way.

The non-traditional songs from Little Music Makers® were, for the most part, composed and sung by Antje who has received numerous international awards for her songwriting.

Antje loves playing the guitar and teaches her classes with a sparkling energy.

For her CD ‘Hey little bird’ with lullabies and ballads for children and grown-ups in English, Antje received stunning reviews - from children and adults alike!
In October 2016 Antje released her new CD "My sweet universe".

For more info and audio samples please go to:
Sierra Klingele
Sierra is from a small farm town in Washington, USA and received her BA in music composition and vocal studies. She's been working in music education since 2012 for children and youth of very diverse backgrounds and ages. Since moving to Berlin in early 2020, she's been teaching arts and music classes in English all over Germany.

In addition to singing and playing guitar, she also plays piano and has been learning the Turkish/Kurdish saz for two years. Sierra strives to bring joy, fun and inspiration to all of her families and wishes to inspire people of all ages to develop their passion for music.
Fabian Holland
Fabian is a guitarist, singer, songwriter and teacher from London. He studied guitar and popular music at the Academy Of Contemporary Music, Guildford (UK). His music has been played numourous times on national BBC radio and he has had many features in music and guitar magazines.

Fabian continues to perform his music in Germany and around Europe and he brings his great enthusiasm for music to his lessons. His kind and warm personality mixed with his exceptional guitar playing makes his lessons thoroughly enjoyable.

Fabian moved to Berlin in 2017 with his German partner and their son.

To find out more about Fabian please go to his website:
Andreas Frielingsdorf
Andreas, a great lover of music, has been playing drums and guitar since his youth and has band and stage experience.

He completed his studies to become a certified social pedagogue with a focus on music.

Andreas is the loving dad of a little girl and has a huge heart for children. His high energy teaching, warm and cheerful nature and his enthusiasm for teaching makes his lessons a joy for children and parents alike.

Ben Hunt
Born and raised in a small town close to Nashville, TN, gives Ben a particular openness in music and rhythm with children. Music has always been one of the solid pillars of Ben's life and is the most natural thing to him: Singing, playing many instruments and performing events throughout his life, ranging from small choirs to concerts with thousands of people.

Ben has worked with music in and around Nashville throughout high school and later attended Middle Tennessee State University to study Recording Industry. In 2007, he moved to Berlin and began gigging in Berlin and touring Europe with a Southern rock band for 10 years.

BBen’s love of children and working with them is very real and genuine. He is the proud father of three young children. There’s nearly nothing that makes him truly as content as listening to children come alive through the joy of music.
Kristen Meyers
Kristen is a native Texan who has been living in Berlin since 2016. Following the completion of her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Vocal Performance in Columbus/US, she decided to make her own way into the musical world by moving to Berlin and starting her own art and culture community and band called “Wilder Garten”.

Kristen has worked with children and youth of all ages since 2011 in various settings both publicly in kindergartens and privately through English and voice lessons. Since 2016 she also teaches early childhood music education in a bilingual kita in Berlin.

Her background in performance aids in her ability to create a fun, energy-filled experience while teaching children music and English. Every chance she gets, Kristen is spreading her love of music and the arts. You can find her collaborating with people all over Berlin!

To find out more about Kristen please go to: