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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Short information regarding courses

• 10 week course with 10 lessons in the classroom<
• Songbook and CD of the current music collection (as CD and/or digital download)
• Course fee for one child: 175 Euro incl. course materials
• Fee for sibllings of 85 Euro i.e. 260 Euro for two children incl. course materials
• Siblings under the age of 10 months (at the start date of the course) can participate for free
• Semester starts in January, April and September
• We offer demo classes

We would like to take a demo class. Is that possible?

Little Music Makers offers offers frequently demo classes during the semester. Parents and children can get to know our program without any obligation.

How can we sign up for a course?

To register for one of our classes, please use our online form (menu item "Registration"), so that we have all the necessary information available.

We will then send a written confirmation of registration and ask you to transfer the course fee. Once both has been done, your spot is firmly reserved.

Is it possible to transfer a booked course reservation onto another family?

Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer a course spot to another family or into another semester.

A registration can be withdrawn until 3 days before the start of the 1st lesson. We will then refund the course fee minus a handling fee of 25 Euro.

What shall I do if my child is sick?

Please do not attend the course if your child is sick.

When do new classes start?

New classes start every January, April and September.

If free spots are available it is possible to join a current course after it has already started.

What happens if we need to cancel our registration before the class ends?

A registration can be withdrawn until 3 days before the start of the class.

We will then refund the course fee minus a handling fee of 25 Euro. Cancellations made less than 3 whole days before the first lesson are not eligible for a refund of the course fee.

How large are the classes?

The number of participants ranges from 6 – 12 families.

At what age can my child participate?

We offer courses for 1 to 4 years of age. If your child is younger than 4 months or older than 4 years please do not hesitate to contact us. Siblings can be brought along from birth on.

What should we bring to class?

Comfortable clothes and slipper socks (our classrooms have a no shoes policy), lock and rain cape for your stroller (in most locations we cannot bring stroller inside)

Where do Little Music Makers classes take place?

We currently offer our classroom classes in Berlin-Dahlem, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg, Schöneberg and Zehlendorf as well as Hamburg.

Is it possible to join a current course that has already started?

Yes - provided the course still has spaces available.

How much does the course cost? (Classroom courses and Online courses)

The price for a class for one child is 175 Euros per semester. It also includes a songbook and a CD. The participation of a sibling aged 10 months or older costs 85 Euros. Therefore, the cost for a family with 2 children is 260 Euros. Siblings under the age of 10 months (age at the start of the class) can participate for free.

Is it possible to attend the course without the course material (songbook and CD)?

Our CD and songbook are not optional, rather they form the basis of our concept. Using the course material at home contributes to deepening the class experience of your child.

Can siblings also participate?

You are welcome to bring siblings to the class. Children younger than 10 months (at the start of the class) can participate for free. The fee for siblings 10 months or older (at the start of the class) is 85 Euros.

Can grown-ups other than the parents come to class with the child?

Your child does not necessarily have to come with a parent. Other grown-ups may come along. Additional accompanying adults such as a babysitter, aunt, uncle or grandparents may also come along every once in a while.

What happens if we already have the CD and songbook from an earlier course?

In this case it is not necessary to purchase the CD and songbook again. The course can be booked at the reduced price of 150 Euros for one child and 235 Euros for two children. It is, however, required that the family already participated earlier in the respective course.

Is knowledge in English required for the courses?

No, knowledge in English is not required.

How many music collections are there?

Little Music Makers has 6 different music collections that we named after colours. This means 2 consecutive years of musical education without repetition. Our collections are called: Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Yellow and Red.

Do lessons also take place during holidays?

During summer holidays we do not offer any lessons. Courses take place during autumn and winter holidays. During Easter holidays we usually do not hold any lessons either.

Is it possible to bring a guest child?

If you would like to bring a guest child along please let us know in advance. The fee for the participation in one lesson is 10 Euro.

Why aren't there classes with different age groups?

Our courses are all age mixed, i.e. we have different age groups in one class - from babies to children aged 4. All children benefit from mixed age classes - older children as well as younger ones. Our approach is based on scientific research from music education and early childhood development as well as well as our own teaching experience over the past 10 years. Mixed-age clases provide a rich learning environment: Babies are often fascinated by older children and imitate them. Older children enjoy helping and sharing with younger ones. Shy older children benefit from being a role model to little ones. Another advantage of mixed age groups is that the parents compare their children less with others - therefore there will be less expectations and pressure on how the children should behave in class. For families with more than one child another advantage is obvious: They can all participate together.